Are Magnum almonds vegan?

Highlights. Magnum Almond Non-Dairy Ice Cream bar is made with non-dairy vanilla ice cream dipped in non-dairy crunchy chocolate with almond pieces. … The delicious and velvety plant-based non-dairy ice cream has a balanced flavor and provides the indulgence of a classic Magnum, certified Vegan ice cream by

What is a vegan Magnum made of?

The vegan Magnum, released widely in Australia this month, is a dairy-free version of the popular ice-cream snack. It features dairy-free chocolate made from coconut oil and cacao butter, and pea protein flavoured with vanilla.

What is Magnum Almond?

Premium creamy vanilla ice cream covered in thick cracking Magnum milk chocolate with crunchy Australian almond pieces.

Is Magnum halal 2020?

No, this product is not Halal certified.

Is Magnum almond ice cream vegetarian?

Magnum Almond Vegan. A velvety Vegan ice cream dipped in chocolate couverture with crunchy almond pieces.

Are magnums Almond?

Discover Magnum Almond: a velvety smooth vanilla ice cream wrapped in cracking Magnum chocolate and topped with crunchy roasted almonds – a unique kind of pleasure that connects you with your playful side. … Indulge in a tasty snack with Magnum Mini ice cream.

How much sugar is in an almond Magnum?


Per 100g %* per portion**
Carbohydrate 31g 8%
Of which sugars 26g 21%
Protein 4.8g 7%
Salt 0.11g 1%
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