Are melting wafers dairy free?

1. Gefen Wonder Melts. Gefen Wonder Melts is the only disk-shaped candy melts that are dairy-free.

Is Melting chocolate vegan?

Melt loves vegan chocolate products because they are super healthy. Chocolate is naturally vegan – being all plant-based, from bean-to-bar.

What are melting wafers made of?

Candy wafers are usually made from sugar, oils, whey powder, milk, and vanilla, along with coloring and other flavors. Chocolate wafers contain cocoa. You’ll typically find candy wafers in disc form.

Do Wilton candy melts contain dairy?

You may find it difficult to find gluten free dairy free candy melts as most contain dairy. In addition, it is hard to find gluten free dairy free white chocolate to coat cake pops or truffles. Wilton’s does make one that is gluten free, but not dairy-free.

Can I melt dairy free chocolate?

If you are melting store bought dairy free white chocolate, then you will need to put the chocolate in a double broiler and melt the chocolate. When dairy free chocolate made or melted, pour it on a wax lined 9×12 baking sheet.

Does 72 dark chocolate have dairy?

One of the chocolate bars in question was Godiva’s 72% Extra Dark Chocolate Bar. We learned that the butter oil in their 72% Extra Dark Chocolate Bar is “derived from dairy butter.” There are no other dairy-derived ingredients in this bar.

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Does Ghirardelli dark chocolate have milk in it?

According to a notice posted by the Ghirardelli Chocolate Company, their Semi-Sweet Chocolate Baking Chips now contain milk as one of the ingredients. In addition, while the company has dark chocolate products that do not contain milk as an ingredient, they are made on shared lines with milk.

Can you substitute chocolate chips for melting wafers?

Chocolate chips are formulated to hold their shape in high heat. Notice when you bake them in cookies at 350 degrees, they come out looking the same. Although, these can be used for melting, they are not ideal.