Are moonlight roller skates vegan?

Flashdance Moon Boot by Moonlight features a treated microfiber “pleather” (non-animal vegan leather), soft-form upper lined with layers of padding and a rolled collar to provide you with the ultimate…

Are moonlight skates good for park skating?

Moonlight have advised that they are fine for starting out in the skate park, but are not recommended for advanced park skaters. … Different shaped wheels allow for different skate possibilities.

Are Moxi Lollys vegan?

Moxi Vegan Jack

For a high-performance option, Moxi makes the customizable Vegan Jack skate with Clarino microfiber leather, which is softer and stronger than leather made from animals. Innovative vegan leather materials like Clarino are better for the environment than conventional leather and outperform it.

What size are Moonlight roller wheels?

58mm 82A urethane wheels with internal hub.

Do Moxi Lollys have good ankle support?

When you’re wearing these skates they feel very secure and you have minimal flex in the ankle. This is really beneficial for any kind of skating activity where you really need as much support as possible.

Are beach bunnies vegan?

And here they are! The Moxi Beach Bunny Skates are vegan, come in cute colors, have glitter wheels and you’ll get a free matching toe cap!

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