Best answer: Does Gigi’s have gluten free cupcakes?

All cupcakes, including gluten-free ones, are freshly baked and decorated daily at local Gigi’s Cupcakes bakeries. … Because the equipment comes in contact with products containing gluten, Gigi’s Cupcakes’ menu items cannot be certified as gluten-free products.

Are Gigi’s cupcakes Gluten Free?

Despite the fact that we bake and offer cupcakes without gluten and/or nuts, our baking equipment comes in contact with peanuts, other nuts, nut oils and extracts, as well as products containing gluten. Therefore, our products cannot be certified as a nut free or gluten free product.

Does Molly’s cupcakes have Gluten Free?

NOTE: All frostings are Gluten-Free. Due to our small kitchen, we suggest selecting our “Gluten-Free Buttercream” for severe allergies. *If topped with cream cheese frosting, your cupcake will require refridgeration after 4 hours.

Is Gigi’s cupcakes going out of business?

The bakery’s final day open was Wednesday, Dec. 30, 2020. Less than two days before 2021 was ushered in, another business in north Alabama closed its doors permanently due to the pandemic.

Does Gigi’s cupcakes have Keto?

Keto/Low Carb cupcake fans, we have a new Keto friendly cupcake, Peanut Butter Patty. It’s our yellow cake with peanut butter and chocolate topping and it’s so good! We also have our raspberries and cream too! What are you using for sweetener?

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Does Gigi’s cupcakes have dairy free?

Gigi’s Triple Chocolate Torte cupcakes are both gluten and dairy free and are made fresh daily in the Nashville location. Additionally, if you call the day of, the chefs will tell you which other cupcakes they are making gluten-free that day and you can pick up a box just a few hours later.

How much did Gigi’s cupcakes sell for?

The shops are named for Gina “Gigi” Butler, a Nashville entrepreneur who launched her business in 2008 and sold it for $6 million in 2016 to Fort Worth investment firm FundCorp, according to court documents.

What does Gigi’s cupcake pay?

How much does Gigi’s Cupcakes pay an hour? The average Gigi’s Cupcakes hourly pay ranges from approximately $11 per hour for a Customer Service to $15 per hour for a Baker. Gigi’s Cupcakes employees rate the overall compensation and benefits package 3.5/5 stars.

Are Molly’s Cupcakes vegan?

Vegan and Gluten-Free Cupcakes – Molly’s Cupcakes.

Are Molly cupcakes vegan?

We see you Vegans! Enjoy our tasty classic vanilla cupcake with your choice of chocolate or vegan frosting. Baked to order so must order a day in advance.

Does Gigi Butler own Gigi’s cupcakes?

Gigi Butler, of Franklin, has grown her business into the largest cupcake franchise in the country with more than 100 stores in 24 states. … Now, Butler is taking a step back as owner of Gigi’s cupcakes and starting her latest baking venture: Pies by Gigi. “Gigi’s Cupcakes will always be my first baby.

Who is the franchise owner of the Gigi’s cupcakes in Buckhead?

Gina Butler, the founder of Gigi’s Cupcakes, has two favorite sayings: “God will provide” is one, invoked countless times, including the night before her first store opened and she got an unexpected drywall bill for $15,000.

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