Best answer: Is Potbelly bread dairy free?

Bread: At the time of review, all Potbelly Sandwich Shop breads, including the Blueberry Maple Square Bun, Ciabatta, white, and multigrain varieties, were milk-free and egg-free.

Is there dairy in Potbelly bread?

Potbelly’s only other bread (Whole-Grain) contains honey so it isn’t vegan, but it is dairy and egg-free.

Is Potbelly multigrain bread vegan?

The multigrain bread contains honey. Here are vegan sandwich options: PB&J Sandwich. Mushroom Melt (without cheese)

Is there anything vegan at Potbelly?

Potbelly’s good vibes don’t only come through via their eclectic decor, but their vegan options will make you smile as well. If you’re starved for a hearty sub, order a Mediterranean without cheese or a PB&J from their underground menu (their multigrain bread contains honey, so regular white is the way to go).

Does Panera bread Bowl have dairy?

At last check, their Warm Grain Bowls could be made dairy-free without the cheese AND yogurt and with a dairy-free dressing. The Madagascar Vanilla Syrup for their coffee drinks is dairy-free, but the Caramel and Chocolate syrups are not.

Can I buy bread from potbelly?

They are available in all of our shops, and are what you see on all our menu boards. A BIGS is approximately 1/3 more bread, meat, cheese and toppings than an Original, and you can get any sandwich in a BIGS as long as you’re in a market that carries the BIGS bread.

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Is Potbelly soup vegetarian?

Soups include broccoli cheddar (not vegetarian), chicken noodle, garden vegetable (vegan), southwestern chicken, and spicy southwest veggie (vegetarian), and chili. They also have several vegetarian salads, including one that has chickpeas and blue cheese. Potbelly also serves, shakes, malts, smoothies, and cookies.

What is a skinny sandwich at Potbelly?

Potbelly offers skinny sandwiches, which have less meat and cheese on their thin-cut bread, all under 400 calories. The thin-cut bread is 1/3 less bread than the original, so you could also get any sandwich on that. Also, go for the multigrain bread over the white bread.

Does Potbelly have soup?

In addition to selling sub sandwiches, Potbelly also sells soups, salads, chili, shakes, and desserts.

Is Jimmy Johns vegan?

Sandwich. Jimmy John’s only has one vegetarian sandwich option, which luckily can be made vegan. This is called the #6 Original Veggie. Simply request the sandwich without the Provolone cheese and mayonnaise.

Are Miami Subs fries vegan?

The French fries, chips, green chili sauce & hot sauces are vegan. The shell for the tostada salad may be cooked along with meat products.

Is Potbelly unhealthy?

Washington — A pot belly can be a bad thing — even if you’re not considered overweight. New research suggests normal-weight people who carry their fat at their waistlines may be at higher risk of death over the years than overweight or obese people whose fat is more concentrated on the hips and thighs.

What is the best sandwich at Potbelly?

1. Lucky 7. A combination of Potbelly’s signature Wreck and Italian, the Lucky 7 is every meat lover’s dream. It’s got seven different types of meat—ham, turkey breast, roast beef, pepperoni, salami, capicola, and mortadella—as well as loads of provolone, tomatoes, lettuce, and mayo.

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