Can vegetarians eat Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles?

Most of Rowntree’s products are not vegan because they’re confectioned using gelatin, an ingredient that is obtained by boiling skin, tendons, ligaments, and/or bones with water. However, they have launched new versions of Fruit Pastilles and Jelly Tots without gelatin, making them suitable for vegans.

Are all Fruit Pastilles vegetarian?

From October, Fruit Pastilles sharing bags will be suitable for vegans with single tubes and multipacks following from February 2021. Until now, Fruit Pastilles have been made using gelatine to give them their signature chewy texture.

Are all Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles vegan?

If you’re looking for a chewy, fruity-flavoured sweet, try the irresistible taste of Rowntree’s® Fruit Pastilles. Every sharing bag contains a mixture of five fantastic flavours: blackcurrant, lemon, strawberry, lime, and orange. Still irresistibly chewy and now vegan friendly for even more people to enjoy!

Do Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles contain gelatin?

We use no gelatine in our Jelly Tots, Fruit Pastilles and Dessert Pastilles. … All of the ingredients in our Fruit Pastilles, Jelly Tots and Dessert Pastilles are suitable for vegans. Randoms, Fruit Gums and Pick & Mix are not suitable for vegetarians.

Are Squashies suitable for vegetarians?

Make way for Drumstick Squashies – an exciting new sweet that sees your favourite brand transformed…

Drumstick Squashies 160g Bag.

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Shelf Life 10 months
Suitable for vegetarians No
Suitable for vegans No
Gluten free Yes
Artificial colours No

Why are fruit pastilles vegan?

In creating our vegan friendly Rowntree’s® Fruit Pastilles, we removed the gelatine from the recipe and adjusted the level of the remaining ingredients.

Do vegan Fruit Pastilles taste the same?

Another user reassured: “I’ve eaten vegan sweets, they taste exactly the same as ones that aren’t so the new Fruit Pastilles probably will too. … “However, our priority was to preserve the fabulously fruity chew that has made Fruit Pastilles a classic for almost a century and a half.”

Where are Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles made?

Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles originated in Fawdon, Tyneside, England in 1881, where they are still made to this day.