Does Oberweis have dairy free?

Presenting our all-new Oberweis Lactose Free 2% Reduced Fat Milk. This easy-to-digest alternative to traditional milk is a great choice for those who need lactose-free dairy products. We start with fresh, antibiotic-free, raw milk supplied by our small family farmers.

Does Oberweis have non dairy ice cream?

Allergen Notes for Oberweis

Their sorbet is made without top allergens, but the company is quick to note that it is produced on shared equipment (as is most dairy-free ice cream).

Does Oberweis have strawberry milk?

Oberweis Reduced Fat Milk, Strawberry.

Is kilwins ice cream dairy free?

Kilwins carries only raspberry- and lemon-flavored vegan sorbet options and has no vegan ice cream options.

Who owns Oberweis dairy?

Oberweis invested in half of the business of the Big Woods Dairy. The business continued in the family, with Peter’s son, Joe, running the business through the 1950s. Current owner, Jim Oberweis, purchased the company from his brother in 1986 and named his son, Joe, CEO in 2007.

Is Oberweis milk good for you?

Simplicity is at the heart of every bottle of Oberweis milk because less processing leaves more room for flavor and delivers a healthier product that’s better for your family. That means no artificial hormones, like bovine growth hormones, are permitted on our farms and you won’t find added preservatives in our milk.

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Is Oberweis Dairy grass fed?

It’s organic & minimally processed, but they don’t advertise grass-fed or pasture-raised. Milk is exclusively from family farms (in Wisconsin, according to their website).

Is Oberweis ice cream healthy?

Oberweis Nutrition

Although admittedly high in sugar at 24 grams and in calories from fat at 23 grams, the Chocolate Marshmallow Super Supreme Low Fat Ice Cream has redeeming value since it has only 150 calories, 1.5 grams saturated fat, and 10mg cholesterol. It also contains 2% vitamin A, 4% iron and 12% calcium.

Is Oberweis ice cream?

Stepping into one of our stores is like stepping into the time of neighborhood corner markets— places where you could pick up farm fresh milk and other dairy products, then stop at the counter for a scrumptious hand-crafted ice cream delight.

Does Oberweis ice cream have eggs?

Product Ingredients: CREAM, MILK, SUGAR, CORN SYRUP SOLIDS, SKIM MILK, VANILLA EXTRACT, LOCUST BEAN GUM, GUAR GUM, CARRAGEENAN. CONTAINS: MILK Made on equipment that processes Milk, Egg, Tree Nuts, Wheat, Peanuts, and Soy.