Is Aldi Moser Roth mint chocolate vegan?

Is Moser Roth mint vegan?

Moser Roth

This is a cult favourite amongst thrifty Aldi shoppers. The Moser Rother Dark Chocolate 70%, 85% and Sea Salt varieties are all suitable for vegans.

What Aldi chocolate is vegan?

Aldi has also launched vegan white and milk chocolate bars in their Moser Roth chocolate range. Moreover, you can pick up Plant Menu Chocolate Cookies in Chocolate or Fruity Flapjack flavour. Other new products include: Vegan Pesto (red and green)

Is Moser Roth chocolate dairy free?

You can actually find quite a few dairy-free Easter chocolates at Aldi, but the Moser Roth milk-free, gluten-free egg and truffles are free from specialties.

Is Lindt dark chocolate dairy free?

Intolerances: Lindt 75%, 80% and 90% dark chocolate are all gluten and dairy free along with being suitable for vegans. They are also free from soy and nuts.

Does Moser Roth chocolate contain milk?

Moser Roth Sea Salt and Peppermint Dark Chocolate*, $2.69

Problem is, most contain milk solids, meaning they’re a no-go zone for vegans. … FYI – this is another one of those ‘may contain milk’ ones, even though it’s not technically made with milk.

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