Is Ayam kecap manis gluten free?

Per Serve Per 100g
Protein 0.6g 3.1g
Fat – Total Less than 0.1g Less than 0.1g
– Saturated Less than 0.1g Less than 0.1g

Is Ayam light soy sauce gluten free?

AYAM™ Asian Sauces have been tested by an independent laboratory and are certified Gluten Free. … (The other is light soy sauce).

What is kecap manis made of?

Kecap manis is a sweet, thick Indonesian soy sauce made with palm sugar, garlic, star anise, and galangal, among other ingredients.

Does dark soy sauce have MSG?

Blended soy/dark sweet soy/thick soy: can have inclusions of molasses, starches, colour, MSG, mushrooms and even dry spices; used for longer cooking methods and also as a component to dipping sauces.

How do you make gluten free dark soy sauce?


  1. 1 cup gluten free light soy sauce (Kikkoman)
  2. 1/2 cup blackstrap molasses or ¾ cup dark brown sugar.
  3. 1 tablespoon gluten free corn (maize) starch mixed with 3 tablespoons water (substitute with rice flour, potato starch or tapioca flour if preferred)

What is a good substitute for kecap manis?

The 6 Best Ketjap Manis Substitutes

  • Soy Sauce.
  • Hoisin sauce.
  • Oyster sauce.
  • Tianmian sauce.
  • Tamari sauce.
  • Shoyu Sauce.

Does kecap manis go bad?

Does Soy Sauce Need to Be Refrigerated?

Type (Can be 2-10) Shelf Life In Fridge Table Shelf Life
Thick Soy Sauce 1 Year Do not leave out
Mushroom-Flavored Soy Sauce 1 Year Do not leave out
Shrimp-Flavored Soy Sauce 1 Year Do not leave out
Indonesian Kecap Manis 1 Year Do not leave out
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