Is Bell and Evans Turkey gluten free?

Our fresh facility is a gluten free facility. Our frozen products facility is not gluten free.

Is Bell and Evans rotisserie chicken gluten free?

Not mechanically chopped or separated, our gluten free chicken tenders have no fillers or extenders. They’re lightly breaded with gluten free breading and flash fried for your convenience.

Is Bell and Evans Turkey kosher?

Of course Bell & Evans is organic, which I appreciate if in fact it is better for my health. And Empire is Kosher, which means it is ” brined” so to speak, making the chicken a bit juicier and tastier. I’d like to try both brands and decide for myself.

Does Bell and Evans use hormones?

To be deemed “organic,” food must be non-GMO and free of pesticides, antibiotics and growth hormones. But with Bell & Evans organic poultry, you get so much more than just what’s standard. We’re certified organic by Pennsylvania Certified Organic, a USDA-accredited certifier that performs regular on-site inspections.

How do you tenderize a turkey?

Brine and Dry

A wet brine is a salt solution in which you submerge your turkey for four to 48 hours. As the turkey soaks, the salt draws out moisture and replaces that lost moisture with seasoned brine, adding flavor and tenderizing the meat.

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Is Bell and Evans chicken worth it?

Bell & Evans Chicken is raised humanely, it is 100% air chilled, it is 100% antibiotic free and it comes very conveniently packaged. However, we feel that paying a premium for the organic label from Bell & Evans is NOT worth it (Bell & Evans does sell a more expensive organic product).

Why is Bell and Evans so expensive?

Because of Bell & Evans’ New Age chicken-processing techniques, the company has attracted consumers who are willing to pay more. McCaffrey’s Food Markets in Bucks County, for instance, stocks a full line of Bell & Evans products, pricing the chicken a third higher than other brands.

Why is Bell and Evans chicken so good?

Cook’s Illustrated points out more than one reason why Bell & Evans Air Chilled Premium Fresh Chicken tastes better than most – including the company’s insistence on feeding chickens an all-vegetable diet, with no animal byproducts and no antibiotics, ever.

Is Bell and Evans Non GMO?

Our organic chickens are fed certified organic grains that are non-GMO. We cannot make that claim on our RWA chickens, as sourcing 100% non-GMO conventional grains in the U.S. would be impossible. Currently, 95% of the soybeans and corn grown in the U.S. are genetically modified (GMO).

What is an air chilled turkey?


Most turkeys are washed and chilled quickly in ice-cold water, and since the bird can absorb some of this water in the process (1-3% by weight), the USDA requires this be disclosed on a label. In response to this, some have taken to air-chilling poultry, which increases. price.

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