You asked: Why did vegan lady get banned?

Vegan TikToker’s Account Blocked After Petition Gathers 20,000 Signatures. “That Vegan Teacher” had her account deactivated for multiple violations of the social network’s policies, including making “blatantly racist, intolerant and discriminatory statements against anyone who does not see veganism as she does.”

Why did my TikTok get banned for no reason?

Why was my TikTok account banned? A TikTok account is typically only banned after there have been multiple reports made against the account and TikTok finds the content in violation of the community guidelines. Typically, this happens when another user reports your content.

What violate TikTok guidelines?

Here are some of the things that can get you banned from TikTok based on its community guidelines and some popular cases of accounts being banned.

  • Sharing Content That Threatens Public Safety. …
  • Sharing Sexually Explicit Content. …
  • Posting Content That Depicts or Glorifies Self-Harm. …
  • Sharing Violent or Graphic Content.

Can Gets be vegan?

The short answer is no, cats can’t be vegetarian or vegan. Cats are obligate carnivores which means they need meat in their diet. With the rise in plant-based diets in the UK, many have started to consider altering their pet’s diet too.

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