Your question: Is the star drink dairy free?

Does the star drink have dairy?

The star drink is a rich, dairy-free spin on the same beverage with the addition of coconut milk. For under 200 calories per 16-ounce grande drink, the beverage joins viral fan favorites like the Pink Drink, Violet Drink and Dragon Drink.

How do you order a star drink?


  1. Order a Venti Star Drink with NO Kiwi Fruit Inclusions.
  2. Add 2 pumps Raspberry Syrup.
  3. Top with Vanilla Sweet Cream Foam blended with Strawberry Puree.
  4. Sprinkle with Dragon Fruit Inclusions and Matcha Powder.

Does Starbucks have vegans?

Starbucks coffee, as well as its black, green, chai, and herbal teas, are vegan to begin with, so starting with these as your base order is an easy way to avoid animal-derived ingredients. If you don’t want to drink your coffee black or your tea plain, choose a nondairy milk like soy, oat, coconut, or almond milk.

Does Starbucks do dairy-free Frappuccinos?

Vegan Starbucks, anyone? Did you know that the coffee chain offers non-dairy soya, almond, oat, and coconut milks? You can have them in any drink on the regular or seasonal menu.

Is Starbucks sweet cream dairy-free?

We don’t have a dairy-free version of our vanilla sweet cream cold foam. You can ask your barista to top your drink with cold foam made with non-dairy milk. It won’t have the same texture as regular cold foam, but is just as delicious.

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