Are Bournville chocolate fingers dairy free?

British chocolate giant Cadbury has launched a dairy-free version of its iconic chocolate finger biscuits in Sainsbury’s – vegan Bournville fingers! It’s official, Cadbury has finally given us what we want – vegan chocolate fingers!

Does Bournville chocolate have milk in?

Currently, Cadbury’s Bournville Dark Chocolate bars remain free from dairy. However, all the brand’s products carry the allergy advice warning that they are not suitable for anyone who is allergic to milk.

Why are cadburys adding milk to Bournville?

Many also blasted the company for pulling a ‘marketing gimmick’ by introducing milk so that it could later release a vegan version with a ramped-up price. While the buttons are no longer vegan, Cadbury’s Bournville Dark Chocolate bars remain dairy-free.

Is Cadbury Dairy-Free?

T he owners of one of the UK’s most cherished chocolate brands Cadbury are developing a milk-free Dairy Milk bar. Mondelez wants to create a plant-based alternative amid a growing demand for vegan options.

Is Cadbury World closing down?

The need to close Cadbury World is extremely rare but, given the severity of the weather, the safety of our visitors and our team is our priority. We are very sorry for any inconvenience our decision may have caused but look forward to welcoming you to Cadbury World very soon.

Is chocolate still made in Bournville?

The owner of Cadbury is set to return more of its Dairy Milk production to its historic Bournville factory. … Until now, about two thirds of Cadbury’s chocolate has been made in Birmingham, and the company said the new investment would see “almost all” of its products made at Bournville.

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Do Bournville fingers contain milk?

Whilst there is no milk in the ingredients of Cadbury Bournville chocolate, it cannot be guaranteed to be 100% dairy-free because it is made on the same production line as milk chocolate. Therefore, Bournville is not suitable for those with severe milk allergies.