Are there gluten free hosts?

Even the most progressive pope in recent history has declared that the Roman Catholic Church will not allow its congregation to receive gluten-free communion wafers (or “hosts”) during Mass. Communion wafers must contain wheat to be valid as a sacrament. …

Are hosts gluten-free?

The Vatican says communion wafers known as the host must contain gluten. Gluten has become verboten in some circles, but there is no way around it for Catholics receiving Holy Communion; a recent church directive emphatically states that the wafer known as the host must contain gluten.

Are low gluten hosts safe for celiacs?

The letter validates the continued practice that “low gluten” communion hosts, such as that made by the Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, are still acceptable to the Church.

What are gluten-free hosts made of?

According to Catholic doctrine, the host must be made of wheat and water only (Can. 924). Hosts made from alternative grains are not acceptable and bread must contain at least a trace of gluten. This is a requirement that is not likely to change.

How much gluten is in a gluten-free host?

Accordingly, considering the total weight of each Communion wafer, the actual amount of gluten in one low-gluten host would add up to about 0.002 milligrams. This amount has been shown to be safe in various clinical studies.

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Are communion cups gluten-free?

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How much gluten is in a host?

A regular wafer contains approximately 22 milligrams of gluten, according to registered dietitian Nancy Patin Falini. Wafers that contain under 10 milligrams of gluten are considered low-gluten.

What religion Cannot eat gluten?

The Catholic Church has presented the biggest problem for people who need to eat gluten free. The church holds the position that hosts entirely gluten free are invalid for the celebration of the Eucharist (Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, circular letter to the Presidents of Conferences of Bishops, July 24, 2003 (Prot.

Are the wafers in church gluten-free?

These wafers are made with a minute amount of wheat starch and thereby meet church requirements for gluten in the host. However, these wafers meet the European Codex Alimentarius definition for gluten-free because of their ultra-low gluten content.

Who is the patron saint of celiac disease?

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