Is Iceland vegan friendly?

In fact, Iceland is known to be one of the most vegan-friendly countries in the world. From ice cream parlors to fast food joints, vegan lovers can find it all in the land of fire and ice.

How many vegans are in Iceland?

A new map produced by Jakub Marian ranks Iceland as the most vegetarian-friendly country in Europe, with 24.8 vegetarian and/or vegan restaurants per 1 million inhabitants.

Can you be a vegetarian in Iceland?

Iceland’s restaurants and convenience food stores are all surprisingly accommodating to the vegetarian diet. Happily the vegan and vegetarian options at most restaurants in Iceland are much more than just a rushed afterthought.

Is it easy to eat vegan in Iceland?

For a country with traditional dishes made from puffin and shark meat, it may come as a shock that Iceland is one of the most vegan-friendly destinations in the world. On top of the long list of vegan-friendly restaurants, travelers can easily can vegan food in Iceland supermarkets around the country.

Does Iceland have tofu?

Contains: tofu, soya, soybeans, wheat, wheat flour, sesame.


Typical Values Per 100g as Sold
Fibre 2.5g
Protein 8.4g
Salt 0.69g

What are traditional foods in Iceland?

Eat like a Viking with these 7 traditional Icelandic foods

  • Skyr.
  • Reykjavik’s hot dog (pylsur)
  • Lamb.
  • Ice cream.
  • Harðfiskur (dried fish)
  • Rye bread from a hot spring.
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Can you bring fruit into Iceland?

The short answer is: Yes. The long answer is: Yes – but only in very limited quantities. Travelers are allowed to bring small quantities of processed food not intended for resale.

What is the least vegan country?

The 5 worst countries in the world for vegetarians

  • France. You can trust me on that one, I’ve got years of experience to prove my point. …
  • Argentina. …
  • Japan. …
  • Spain. …
  • Cuba.

What is the vegan capital of the world?

Portland has been the undisputed vegan capital of the world for more than a decade. Knocked from number one in 2018, Portland remains the US capital of all that is off-beat, including top spot in the nation for vegan-friendliness.

What country is fully vegan?

Israel. Israel touts itself as the world leading vegan country with 5.2% of the population relying on a plant-based diet.