Is Vegan galaxy good?

They are smooth and creamy, and you might never guess they were dairy free if you hadn’t been told. I particularly liked the Smooth Orange, but other friends who sampled them preferred the Caramel & Sea Salt.

Is Galaxy vegan friendly?

Available in five varieties, Galaxy® Vegan bars are a dairy-alternative range registered with the Vegan Society, meaning you can still experience the pleasure of silky smooth milk chocolate without having to compromise on flavour. On top of that, all the packaging in the range is completely recyclable.

Is vegan Galaxy actually vegan?

This product is made to a vegan recipe but it is manufactured in a facility that uses Milk it is not suitable for people with a Milk allergy.

Are Galaxy chocolates good?

Galaxy. Another plain block of chocolate, elevated in this instance by the fact that the chocolate itself is high quality: creamy, smooth and not too sweet. This is an unpretentious bar of chocolate, classic and timeless like a Chanel bag.

Why is vegan galaxy so expensive?

Responding to criticism over the product’s price, a brand spokesperson said: “This is a premium product that doesn’t compromise on quality and taste and the ingredients are more expensive. “We think that people will love the taste and that it’s great value for money.”

Is Galaxy vegan chocolate?

At the time, Mars, which makes Galaxy, launched not one. … Not two. But THREE dairy-free flavours for its vegan fans: caramelised hazelnut, caramel & sea salt and smooth orange.

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Are minstrels vegan?

Galaxy Minstrels125g

Pleasure worth sharing. Smooth and Creamy Galaxy® Chocolate Captured in a Crispy Shell. Suitable for vegetarians.