Where can I buy enjoy life vegan chocolate chips?

Does Walmart carry vegan chocolate chips?

These mini semi-sweet chocolate chips contain delicious, premium chocolate made with only three ingredients. … These certified vegan chocolate chips are also Non-GMO Project Verified and are certified gluten free, kosher and halal for a baking ingredient you can trust and love.

What brand of chocolate chips are vegan?

The best vegan chocolate chip brands

  1. Pascha. Pascha makes a variety of chocolate products, all of which are vegan certified! …
  2. Enjoy Life. Enjoy Life makes a variety of packaged treats, including vegan chocolate chips. …
  3. Lily’s. …
  4. Choc Zero. …
  5. Amanda’s Own. …
  6. Artisan Kettle. …
  7. Equal Exchange.

Does Trader Joe’s sell vegan chocolate chips?

Trader Joe’s Has New Dark Chocolate Chips — They’re Low in Sugar and Rich in Flavor. In my vegan baking recipes, Trader Joe’s Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips have always been a trusted ingredient. They’re dairy-free, affordable, easy to find, and taste great!

How do you know if chocolate chips are vegan?

Food companies have been heeding the vegan community’s needs by producing plant-based alternatives to popular animal-based foods, and chocolate chips are no exception. The easiest way to identify vegan from non-vegan chocolate chips is if they have the vegan label.

Does enjoy life use child labor?

Hi Miranda – We do not use child labor or enslaved labor. Our supplier focuses on improving conditions for the cocoa farmers and is committed to operating in an ethical, responsible, and safe manner, with no child labor.

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Are Lily’s chocolate chips healthy?

Lily’s Sweets has created chocolate that will allow you to indulge in chocolate guilt-free. These delicious bars don’t have to be treated as a “treat.” With their refined-sugar-free ingredients, they are a healthy chocolate snack.