You asked: Is Lana Del Rey a vegetarian?

She is a vegetarian and has been for years. Her sister Chuck is vegan.

Is Lana vegan?

Ariana, too, has been a vocal advocate for veganism, and according to Happy Cow, Lana Del Rey also follows a meat-free diet and has been doing so for years.

What is Lana Del Rey’s favorite food?

May 5- Lana Del Rey & Skrillex & Carly Rae Jepsen-Lana Del Rey loves Cinnamon and Vanilla as well as Carly Rae Jepsen so we’ll make Cinnamon Chips with Fruit Salsa, Vanilla Swiss Almond Ice Cream and Vanilla Scented Vegetables as well as Ms. Jepsen’s other favorite Pizza.

What is Lana Del Rey’s favorite movie?

“I really have two favorite movies of all-time. Definitely ‘The Godfather I and II,'” she told NextMovie. “I’m obsessed with them both.” In the same interview, Del Rey said that the “American Beauty” soundtrack partially inspired Born to Die.

What does Lana Del Rey’s dad do?

(born June 16, 1954 in Evanston, IL), is the father of American singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey. He is known for his work as a domain developer.

Is Lana Del Rey in a relationship?

Lana Del Rey is engaged, and here’s what we know about her under-the-radar fiancé Lana Del Rey, photographed in September 2019, is engaged to Clayton Johnson.

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